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I'm Shay. I have a deep love of on-screen science fiction and all forms of comedy. I have high hopes of Internet stardom... for my dog. I never take myself (or anyone else) too seriously. 

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    Acne Facts and Myths - What to Know to Get Rid of Pimples

    2 months ago

    Want to rid yourself of acne once and for all? Start by changing the way you look at treatment. This article includes little known truths and tips that will help you on your road to clear skin.

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    Sallie Mae Student Loans - Why Private Loans are Bad for Students

    4 months ago

    The private student loan system in the US is broken and Sallie Mae is the worst offender. I hope to educate student loan borrowers and campaign for change for those already in over their heads.

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    Zinc Toxicity and Poisoning in Dogs - Penny Ate a Penny

    3 days ago

    Our little dog, aptly named Penny, ate 6 pennies and almost died. I'm writing this as a warning to parents and pet owners so they can identify the symptoms of zinc toxicity before it's too late.

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    Interesting Gemstones and Their Properties

    2 months ago

    A list of uncommon, exotic gems perfect for gift giving or jewelry collection inspiration. Consider these stones the next time you're on the hunt for unique, beautiful gemstone jewelry.

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    How to Become an Actor in LA

    17 months ago

    How to Get Started With Acting - Do you want to move to Hollywood and become a movie star? Before you drop everything and move to Los Angeles, educate yourself! I've got some practical advice and tips from my own...

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